Featured Artist

Each month Bear Valley Springs Cultural Arts Association features a local artist.

Artist Andi Hicks

Artist Andi Hicks grew up in a small Massachusetts town taking dancing lessons and earning a scholarship to become a nurse, but a trip to New York City changed all that when she found herself auditioning for a dancing role on The Jackie Gleason show and was accepted. She married, exchanged her tap shoes for an IBM Selectric typewriter and travelled throughout Central America with her husband and daughter as a photo-journalist for their magazine: The EXPEDITION OF THE AMERICAS.

Back in Los Angeles. Andi got a job at IBM where she was trained as a graphic artist, became a produced screenwriter: DEAD RECKONING for UNIVERSAL, USA, a producer/director/video editor for TIMELINE FILMS, and the director of THE MARYPICKFORD INSTITUTE FOR FILM EDUCATION.


Andi and Neill Hicks, her current husband of 32 years, are horse lovers and discovered Bear Valley Springs in the early 2000’s.

She continues to sing and dance, recently appeared in A DOUBLEWIDE TEXAS CHRISTMAS at the BeeKay theater and can currently be seen on CBS in the opening credits of the sitcom B-POSITIVE.

You might catch a glimpse of her in such shows as TRANSPARENT, ALLY MCBEAL, KIDDING, CAUSUAL, JINGLE JUICE, etc. She even ‘went down with the ship’ in TITANIC.

Dabbling in drawing and painting runs through her life, but she began to take art seriously when she met local artist and teacher, Judith Campanaro.  

Andi entered the BVSCAA art show this year and sold several paintings.  Whether creating visual art, acting or dancing, her life is filled with art.