Bear Valley Springs Cultural Arts Association's


BVSCAA Cultural Arts Scholarship Guidelines
For Student Applicants

In 2022 the Bear Valley Springs Cultural Arts Association will provide four scholarships for student(s) participating in the arts in the greater Tehachapi area. One or two $500.00 scholarships will be awarded in each in the following areas: 

1. Music 

2. Visual Arts (Drawing, Painting, Photography, Sculpture) 

3. Performing Arts (Theater, Drama, Dance)


The criteria used to evaluate your application are as follows:

1. Enrollment in school (public, private or home school) in Tehachapi Area in Grades 7-12

2. Participation in an arts activity

3. Recommendation letter(s) from a schoolteacher, an arts or music teacher or coach

Interested students will submit a packet that includes the following items: 

1.   A cover letter 

2.  An essay written by the student describing their need for scholarship support and their plan for use of the award 

3. The student’s contact information including address, phone number and current email 

4. One or more recommendation letters from a schoolteacher, arts teacher, mentor or coach

Notification of Award:

Application Packets may be mailed to the Bear Valley Springs Cultural Arts Association at the following address:

 Bear Valley Springs Cultural Arts Association 

P.O. Box 1366 

Tehachapi CA 93581-1366 

OR Emailed to address below with the subject line “BVSCAA Scholarship Application”

 Successful candidates will be informed by June 1, 2022. If you have questions, please contact 

Susan Crowther Miller



Please contact us if you have any questions